Range Resources Ltd

Range Resources Limited (“Range” or “the Company”) is both an ASX-listed (ASX: RRS) and AIM-listed (AIM: RRL) exploration and production company with assets in Texas- U.S, Republic of Georgia, Trinidad and Puntland- Somalia.
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 Late late newcomer

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PostSubject: Late late newcomer   Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:34 pm

Hi everyone...

Just thought I'd make a post on here as there doesn't seem to have been much forum activity into the new year unless I'm mistaken?

I missed the boat when RRL was @3.5p only getting onboard @16.25p (eeeeeek I know!). But it's only a small investment now and as my forum ID imPlies I am realatively new to this.

Wanted to say though really impressed by the snippets of research folk have posted and though it's not a sign to invest I have learnt a lot about what's reqd by reading through last few days.

What are peoples current views (or is this being discussed elsewhere ? Smile
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Late late newcomer
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